A photo of Warren Callis featured in John Hurt Whitehead, III's "The Watermen of The Chesapeake Bay"

Warren Callis began his career as a Commercial Waterman in his 20s, and has evolved into a pioneer of the Oyster Farming industry. 


Starting in the early stages of the Aqua-Culture Movement 15 years ago, Warren was the first in Virginia to experiment with Oyster Cages. 


Warren inherited his love of the water from his father and grandfather, and he is honored to work the grounds that they worked for almost 100 years before him. 


Warren’s family is also heavily involved in Wolf Trap Oyster Company. He hopes for it to be “something handed down, a tradition”, just as the tradition of working on the water was passed on to him from his father and grandfather. 


Every day, Warren’s “commute to the office” is filled with the tranquil atmosphere of an early morning on the water. He is greeted by the birds and nature, and he looks forward daily to simply “putting hands into the sea”. His love of the water has inspired him to share that passion and experience with others through his thoughtfully cultivated oysters. 


(Pictured left is a photo of Warren Callis that was featured in John Hurt Whitehead, III’s book, “The Watermen of The Chesapeake Bay”.)