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Mathews, Virginia

About Wolf Trap Oyster Company

A MATHEWS, VIRGINIA Aqua culture business

Our love for Oysters started once upon a time! Warren Callis of Mathews, Virginia started his career as a Commercial Waterman back in his 20s, and has evolved into the Oyster Farmer he is today! There is nothing Warren loves more than waking up to head out to his “office”: 800 Oyster Cages not far from Wolf Trap Light House on the Chesapeake Bay located on the same Oyster Ground that Warren’s father & grandfather worked before him. Warren’s commute to work is a peaceful one, where he’s greeted by the Gulls and Osprey every morning. What a job, indeed.

Warren & Wolf Trap Oyster Company pride ourselves on providing people with the taste & experience of the Bay that Warren gets to enjoy every day. We strive to ship this experience from our shore that morning to your door within the same day with an emphasis on quality & freshness.

“We invite you to TASTE THE CHESAPEAKE BAY with our crisp & clean, cultivated Oysters harvested daily from our shores and delivered straight to your front door.” – Warren Callis


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Wolf Trap Oyster Company harvests farm raised oysters on their private Oyster Grounds. Our Grounds are the closest to the Chesapeake Bay resulting in an oyster that truly captures the Crisp Brine Taste of the Bay.

Warren Callis has been involved in the Aqua-Culture movement since it’s early beginnings 15 years ago. See why his practices set Wolf Trap Oyster Company apart from the rest.  
A Fresh.  Clean. Crisp Finish.
We invite you to experience the true taste of the Chesapeake Bay with our Wolf Trap & Moby Jack  Oysters: Two thoroughly different oyster flavors that give you One dynamic Bay experience.


What We Do

We’re cultivating a True Chesapeake Bay Experience through the taste of our oysters that we deliver from our Shores to your front door while maintaining Freshness & Quality that you deserve.